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Our mission is to create supreme functional items that are of timeless design. We believe in mindful consumption, encouraging everyone to invest in long lasting, high quality products that will be long used and loved. Our aim is to create these items for you in the most responsible way possible. We want to be proud of our products – their design and their quality, as well as how they are made and transported. To give you a comprehensive overview, our sustainability ambition is divided into four key areas; products, education, suppliers and transportation.


- All our products are 100% vegan. We only use faux leather, never the skins of animals.

- Our yoga mats are fully biodegradable. The bottom layer of the mat is made of 100% natural rubber. The top layer is made of an extra durable, top quality vegan leather (PU). The two layers are heat bonded together, expelling the need for toxic glues.

- We employ timeless design values, making all our items constantly attractive and immune to trends.

- Our mats do not contain PVC or phthalates and do not release toxins. They are even food graded, i.e. you can (if you want) serve food from them. They have undergone substantial lab tests and are compliant with the EU regulation REACH.


We highly value education, helping our customers to take good care of their Furö Studio products so they can stay pristine for a long time. By increasing our customers’ awareness of product care, we not only prolong the lifespan of the rubber, vegan leather and other materials, but also help minimize environmental footprints during the user phase.

We encourage this through providing inspirational information on our online channels, in graphic material accompanying our products and in personal meetings with our customers and community. We also make sure our retailers are properly educated in all our sustainability and care-taking concerns so they can pass this knowledge on to their customers.


We create and develop our items together with manufacturers that not only share our passion to make high quality products but are also committed to doing this in an ethical manner. Our suppliers and manufacturers are located in Asia, close to the sources of natural materials.

Our factories all meet the requirements for high labor standards, staff training and security. We have personally visited all of them, in order to establish long-term relationships and guarantee social sustainability. We expect them to adhere to human rights as well as environmental and anti-corruption principles.


We focus on how we can reduce environmental impacts in our transportation and shipping procedures. We ensure that all our products are transported by sea from our suppliers and manufacturers to Gothenburg, and then over land to Stockholm, avoiding all air flights.

We have made all our packaging from recyclable paper, designing them in a way that turns them into beautiful gifts and at the same time expels the need for additional packaging. When shipping to our end customers, we add nothing more than a recycled wrapping paper.


To have an ongoing ambition in sustainability is something we take for granted. We are proud of where we have come so far but will always strive for further enhancements in our full chain, from material sourcing to end usage.

Our list of things to develop further is very concrete. It includes looking into new techniques in the making of a polyurethane that is water based, developing top quality boxes made of only recycled carton, and sourcing the best quality eco-friendly cotton and Cordura.

We also constantly work in collaboration with our suppliers to enhance transparency and working conditions, encouraging sustainable certifications in both environmental and social regards.

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