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Aesthetics of the Corporeal

As architects, we are very particular when it comes to scale, proportion, texture, density and feel. The coarseness of concrete, the smoothness of soft fabric and the precision of architectural drawings. Personally, we have been wearing the same brands and the same color for years. While this means we might never explore an array of pink hues, we are very serious when it comes to scrutinizing corners, folds and stitches. In our ideology, details matter hugely.

There is a prevailing misconception that the word aesthetics signifies only the surface aspect of something – how you look at something and evaluate its level of beauty. Aesthetics, in fact, entails the whole spectrum of how we interact with the world – how we touch, smell, hear and see. The body and our senses are our devices for experiencing and interpreting the environment, and every object we surround ourselves with is an extension of this apparatus. In yoga this is extremely significant, since you are using your body explicitly and always in tight relation to your equipment. What your mat looks and feels like has a direct impact on your experience and influences how high you are able to lift your practice. 

Aesthetics can never be separated from function - quite the opposite, it is what carries function. Designed properly, an object satisfies and enhances the experience of your movements. Creating architecture and designing other objects is the same, just on different scales. The individual body is always the backbone of the design.

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