How do I clean my mat?

You can clean your mat using a soft cloth dampened only with water. Avoid soaking the mat, and always make sure it is dry before you roll it up. If you need to clean the mat more thoroughly, use a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid diluted into plenty of water. Wipe it gently with a non-abrasive sponge that is damp but not soaking wet. Refrain from doing this too often. Do not use any oils or chemical cleaning products, as they can potentially damage the mat. After usage, roll up the mat with the top layer on the outside.

How do I use the alignment guides?

Depending on which yoga mat you have chosen, the laser etched guidelines vary in terms of pattern. Since we know that no two human bodies are the same, we call them “guidelines.” They are not to be used as absolute placement indications, but as reliable reference points. You will find a detailed description of the lines here

What are the dimensions of the mat?

The mat is 4,5 mm thick, 68 cm wide, and 185 cm long to suit every practitioner. It weighs roughly 3 kg, ensuring it stays flat on the floor and providing great cushioning. Combined with our supreme carrying strap 03 Line you will carry it with a smile, in a comfortable and lightweight manner.

Is the mat suitable for hot yoga?

The mat works at its best in sweaty conditions - you will notice that you are not loosing your grip even while you are dripping in sweat.

The mat I just received smells a little bit funny. What do I do?

Nothing at all! The mat is made of natural rubber, and since it has been rolled up tightly from the time of production, the mat might initially have a rubbery smell to it. Just go ahead and use it normally, and you will soon notice the smell fades away.

Are the mats and straps sustainable?

Of course. The bottom layer of our yoga mats is made of eco-friendly natural rubber, and the top layer is made of biodegradable polyurethane, known as vegan leather. These two layers are heat bonded, which means that we have not used any glue or other toxins. All our products have undergone extensive lab tests to ensure they live up to the highly set standards of REACH, the EU chemical legislation. We only use long-lasting and durable materials of premium quality. Wanting to encourage a step away from short term consumption, we always design with timeless values in mind. When it´s time to throw the mat out, in theory it could be used as landfill. However, since it would take some time for the materials to disintegrate, a more viable option for recycling is reusing the innate energy through recovery in a controlled burning process in a heating plant. The metal details on the strap can be cut off and recycled separately. All our packing items are made of recyclable paper.