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"Even in my sleep I was posing." - Hannah Wilke

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“Gravity is measured by the bottom of the foot.” - Juhani Pallasmaa

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“The body is not a thing, it is a situation: it is our grasp on the world and our sketch of our project.” - Simone de Beauvoir

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Furö Studios

Two architects, reluctantly dressed in lycra, were sitting on the bed of a tiny, shabby hut in India. On the floor lay a dirty, turquoise plastic yoga mat with frayed edges curling stubbornly upwards. One of the two reached down to scratch the mat´s surface, then looked up in disbelief. "This is what you've been teaching with for the last month? Every day?" The other one shook her head. "Believe it or not, but it was the best i could find." She laughed. "You want to start sketching?" So that's where we started. With a solid experience of functional design, and years of practice in yoga. Read more about us and our story here

design Ideology

As architects, we work things like scale, proportions, texture, density and feel. The coarseness of concrete, the smoothness of soft fabric and the preciseness of architectural drawings. We make things not only of the most durable materials and highest quality, but stuff made to be carried down the street and on your travels.

To us, the existence of an object is justified only insofar as it does a good job interacting with your senses and enhancing your experiences. The world of yoga has up until now been the propriety of lotus lovers and chakra symbol proponents. We say no more. 

biometrics of yoga

Biometrics is a science of the human body. Its different parts and proportions, the angles resulting from bending at joints and the distances produced by moving in space. Our mat comes in three designs, dark grey with varying laser etched lines in the surface layer. These lines are derived from a thorough analysis of yoga positions, and fulfil different functions in guiding placement of hands and feet. With the support you need to create anatomically correct and safe positions suited to your body, self adjustment during a yoga class becomes exceptionally easy. Read more about the alignment guides here.


Join Furö Studios in collaboration with Filippa K Soft Sport, to  a unique, half-day urban retreat experience in the spectacular Vinterträdgården of the Grand Hotel. Combining meditation, strong yoga with Frida Starvid, live DJ, visual art and delicious smoothies & finger food treats. Book tickets HERE

Where to find us

Furö is represented in selected stores and studios, soon through out the urban hubs of Europe. You currently find us at Urban Om, Altromondo Yoga and NK Sports in Stockholm, Hot Yoga Malmö and Becycle in Berlin. You want to feel the mat IRL? Get your directions to the shops by clicking their respective names.

Thus spoke some really cool people

The guy in this image is Jeremy Lim, teacher of Power and Alignment Vinyasa and Resting Conversation Yin. Based in Singapore, Jeremy pledges the Furö mat is the best he's ever used. He might just say it to make us happy, but we don't think so. Nice guy, Jeremy. Actually, great guy.