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The Story

Two architects, reluctantly dressed in lycra, were sitting on a tiny bed in a pretty shabby hut in India. On the floor lay a dirty, turquoise yoga mat with frayed edges curling stubbornly upwards. One of the two reached down to scratch the mat’s surface. “This is what you have been teaching on for the last month?" The other one laughed and shook her head. "Believe it or not, it was the best I could find... so you want to start sketching?”

We - founders Frida and Jesper Starvid - are passionate architects and reluctant yoga nerds, and that is how we came to start Furö Studios, a design studio in Stockholm. In spirit, we are living on a beach with nothing to worry about apart from where the next wave comes from. Real life, though, is not quite like that. We work in the city with kids in the house, dinners to cook and drinks to down. In the mess of daily life, yoga can be somewhat of a lifesaver. At times, however, you might feel like you turn into someone else when you do yoga. It is like you become "a yogi." You know. Problematic. Our whole aim is to bridge that weird identity gap. That is why we deliver top quality gear without ever sacrificing design and aesthetics on the way. With our architectural background, we draw inspiration from art and fashion more than sports. Then we combine it with our profound knowledge of how the body moves and behaves in yoga. Our Scandinavian heritage means we care for simplicity, harsh beauty and stringency in details and materials. A tiny island on the east coast of Sweden that we once stumbled upon, perfectly embodies all these things. One man lives there, one solemn pine tree stands in the centre. Apart from that, 500 million year-old sandstone and some rare Caspian terns. What it is called? You guess. In Swedish, pine means "fura" and island means "ö".

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