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Furö Sessions

Furö Studios produces immersive yoga sessions; expanded, full-senses, re-envisioned experiences above and beyond yoga.

Furö Sessions

All our sessions are held in venues with a strong sense of atmosphere. We have done small cozy evening gatherings of 30 participants as well as large-scale retreats and classes for 100 people. The session is the platform for sharing our passion for the fully lived experience - which is what yoga is all about.  We combine meditation and strong flow yoga in a program curated to suit venue and guestlist, adding live music, DJ, visuals, collabs with artists and chefs, food and drinks as needed. Do you want to create an event with us? We will cater to your wishes. Get in touch!

Previous Sessions


This evening we teamed up with Frida Ronge - our fav chef who has just launched a new cook book - and opened up the largest studio at Urban Om, home to Stockholm´s friendliest and most laidback yoga community. We did a 30 min meditation followed by a 90 min Rocket Vinyasa Master Class (google it and you´ll see) and downed it all with noodles, deep house and drinks. Curious? Have a look at the pictures!

Session #3 at Grand Hotel

On a Sunday morning in late October, we brought our favourite DJ and took up residence in Vinterträdgården, a supreme architectural venue in the heart of Stockholm, where events such as the Polar Music Prize are held. Here we designed a half day retreat for 100-ish people with meditation, a strong flow, an amazing light show and delicious food by the Grand Hotel kitchen. See more!

Session #2 at Altromondo

More intimate and less of a grand party - session 2 was given in conjunction with the sales start at classy yoga studio Altromondo. Home made vegan finger food and champagne was served in the lobby after a Friday early evening yoga class with Frida Starvid. Participants claimed it to be the model end to a busy week - and the ideal start of the weekend! All the beauties caught on camera!

Session #1 at Obaren

Session 1 was our big launch party, held in one of Stockholm´s most time-honoured venues O-baren - sister nightclub to Sturehof. An hour of sweaty Rocket Vinyasa practice was held on the dancefloor and stage by Alan Ellman, guest teacher from the U.K. The yoga shebang was followed by a massive turnout of friends invading the bar. Want to see some pics? Come come.

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