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Series 01 Yoga Mats

A series of supreme eco-friendly yoga mats, ideal for Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Rocket yoga and all other forms of flow. We have aimed to create the absolute best design yoga mat in terms of function, look and feel, making no compromises on material quality. It gives comfortable cushioning for your joints and is sturdy enough to always remain flat on the floor, also through the most powerful yoga flows and asanas. With its superb non-slip surface, you will never loose your grip again.

The mat is made of long-lasting, biodegradable vegan leather (PU) and eco-friendly, natural rubber. Complying with the EU legislation REACH, it contains neither PVC nor phthalates. Handled with some common sense, the mat will last a long time and contribute to a sustainable life and practice. Additionally, it´s designed to be longer and wider than most other mats. At 68 x 185 cm, the Series 01 yoga mat provides enough space for every possible yoga practitioner - for every size, gender, and ability.

Series 01 comes in three designs – PRIME, MODY and AVANT. They all have different variations of our laser etched graphic alignment guides – each with its own characteristics and feel. They are all minimalist. All black. All supreme.

Series 03 Carrying Strap

Series 03 Line is a supreme carrying strap of highest quality, designed to let you carry your yoga mat in a comfortable and lightweight manner. The strap length is easily adjusted to suit both men and women, your body, clothes and comfort. The strap is made from soft 4 cm wide cotton with details of supple vegan leather. Its shoulder pad takes the pressure and weight off your joints and offers great comfort.

03 Line fits any yoga mat, but it’s especially designed to be the perfect lightweight companion to our Series 01 yoga mat. Don’t hesitate to explore our mats here